A Fun Girls Day…

It’s literally been such a LONG time that I’ve had a girls day…. literally, I can’t remember…. maybe last year when my BFF was here from Nashville…. it’s been wayyyy tooooo long!!!! So, today… my last chance before next week’s chemo… we decided to go accessory shopping… I got a pair of earrings, a hat and a shawl…. all in winter white… very cute!

We had a ton of fun and I thought I’d post some of the highlights…These are not in order…. But, we started the day at the Asian Market in Stallings… we were told to go there and check out the fresh fish… holy smokes! There were literally live frogs, live crabs, fish.. it was amazing to see… Can’t wait to take Greyson back!


1468724_10201340885386192_2091650970_n 1505049_10201341039550046_1490704822_n 1524769_780524948630030_138198289_n 1545960_10201341040590072_575108082_n 1546234_780525065296685_1530876536_n


Then we went and did some shopping… had a blast at the Hallmark store… Diane bought me these charms to add to my bracelet that Bri bought me…. so adorable! Then we had a potato and some veggies at Texas Roadhouse… and some Starbucks….

We finished the day with a tour of Diane & Vinny’s beautiful office…

Perfect day!!! Much needed… ❤

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