Little things…

photo 2


I’m going to go backwards a bit…. but just want to talk a bit about the little things in life…. that mean SO much. This photo was taken yesterday by my daughter Bri while we were in the back seat… Greyson just randomly started touching my head…. it was so sweet. I posted it to Facebook and got so many likes and comments on it… It is pure emotion, love and adoration… What a sweetheart….

Then I wanted to talk a bit about my experience at Starbucks the other day…. I walked in, with my shaved head…. and went to use my $25 gift card that the Woods family bought…. and wanted to treat Bri to a coffee…. So I went to the counter and this man said… Ladies first…. and then he said “Nice haircut”…. it was very sweet…. So I order and I’m standing there, waiting in line….to get my drinks…. and he comes up to me and says…. “Those danishes are the best. I’d love to buy you one…. please let me buy it for you.”  He knew I was married, he commented about my husband…So, I let him…. I didn’t have the heart to tell him, I am not eating that kind of stuff…. so I let Brianna eat it… well neither of us really ate it…. but it was just a kind gesture…. so I asked him if I could take his picture…. I’m sure he totally took it the wrong way because he made a point to come back into Starbucks and give me his card…. lol This bald thing has been interesting!

photo 1


I am so glad that Brianna and I got those photos the other day… because today it’s exactly 2 weeks since chemo…. which means it’s 1 week til the next…. BOOO!!! But last night while washing my face…. I noticed my hairs were coming out…. I cried. I took the photo…. and cried some more…. I know it’s going to happen. I know it’s inevitable….. but it didn’t pain me any less to see it… I know that once I lose my hair and it appears my eyebrows for now….. that I will appear sick. Not that it really changes anything…. but, once people have the shiny head look…. and no brows, people know. Even now people look at me…. even when I wear a hat.. I know it probably seems silly…. but, although I’m trying to be strong, I’m trying to be brave….. it sucks. It really, really sucks. So I had my cry…. fell asleep and now I’ll blog.  I apologize for the toilet in the photo…

photo 3


And, then there’s something else I’d love to chat about…. 7 years ago today…. I was trolling on and this persistent guy…. messaged me.  He had an interest in photography… hey he couldn’t be so bad! He told me that he had just been to see his daughter and it was her wish that he’d meet someone….. Well he did. Darrell and I chatted on the phone for hours…. and we met the next day….. and the rest is history…. 🙂 Happy 7 crazy, unforgettable years…. babe! 🙂


Enjoy your time with family & friends today…. Love & Hugs…

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