When one of us gets cancer… we all get cancer…


Several days after I had my diagnosis… my beautiful step daughter sent me the Martina McBride Song… I’m going to love you through it… and one part of it really stuck out for me…. When one of us gets cancer, we all get cancer… I shared that with my Mom and she had this brilliant idea… to make this photograph happen… Many thanks to Juliet Harless from Juliet Photography for making it a reality…

I’ve been blessed to have a really strong group of people that have surrounded me… so much so that I’ve almost decided that being in a support group may not be ideal for me, not at this time. I want to surround myself with healthy, strong people who want to love and support me and love me through this…. It’s nice not to feel sick sometimes… It’s constantly in front of me, constantly a reminder… I have a few people that I’ve connected with that have cancer and choose to remain in touch with them so that we can share our stories and war wounds… they’ve been amazing. And we are all at similar points in our treatment…

I was sent this very strong message from a friend on my Facebook page and I love it so much that I want to share it…


I felt so terrible those first days of chemo that I feel so amazingly good to feel better…. I am in good spirits, although house bound to reduce my chance of sickness and infection… I’ve been told it gets harder each time as the chemo builds up into your system… it was really hard those first 5 days… or so… but I am getting stronger each day. I imagine it will not get easier, but…. it’s so far it’s been tolerable. I’m a pretty tough cookie with a pretty high pain tolerance, though… Thanks to my Mom for that… ❤

Today is 1 week past chemo… 2 weeks until the next one…. This weekend my stepdaughter will be in town and I’m really looking forward to having our entire family together… as it should be, but isn’t always possible…. So we will enjoy the time we have! She’s told me she will do some glam sessions with me… she is an AMAZING makeup artist and photographer… so I am looking forward to it… I may do some real artsy photos… we’ll see how brave I get…

Friday I see my oncologist for a check up… I imagine all will be just fine for me to proceed with my next chemo… I’m feeling really good.

Love & Hugs…

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