Acts of Kindness…

I had hoped to get this posted yesterday… yesterday just wasn’t my day… I ended up going to bed very early, which has resulted in a very early morning…

I got a text from Amanda Pagano from Isabel’s Corner Videography that she wanted to visit, it would make me smile… her daughter was with her and she had a fever… so she couldn’t come in… when she walked in, I was absolutely shocked… Amanda is known for her long locks…. long, long, locks…. she cut her hair!!! And, she had her hair in her hand…. she said “I didn’t know what else to do and I had to do something”…. We had visitors yesterday and they were in awe… what an amazing thing to do! These are Amanda’s pics from her hair cut…Amanda told me to also credit Kymm McLean from Who’s The Fairest for finding the sylist…. who reduced the price of the cut by quite a bit… thank you Kymm!

IMG_2199.JPG IMG_2200.JPG IMG_2203.JPG

Amanda brought a gift for Greyson from Savvy… which he was thrilled about… They brought him a build a bear… in the box… and he had just woken up from his nap…. he was thrilled. The cutest thing… last night, I was tucked in bed early…. and I woke up to Greyson putting the bear right by my head… he said I needed to cuddle…. 🙂 So sweet…

image (1) image (2) image

I am forever so touched by your generosity…

Later that evening… John Ficarotta from Giovanni Films dropped off a huge box with a dinner of his famous pasta, garlic bread and salad…. Thank you so much. My diet is very bland these days…. but, my family sure appreciates it….

Tonight I have Ines Ananguren from Sky’s The Limit Cakes delivering two meals… for this week… And my dear friend Amelia Old will be dropping food off as well… I’ve actually asked Amelia if she’d oversee the dinner delivery just because I’m so out of it these days… she will manage it better than I can… and she has graciously offered… Thank you Amelia…

I had lots of visitors yesterday… Robbie, Tess & Lou, Dayna from Carolina Cake Artistry and Amanda…. it was a great day!!

How do I deserve all of you?? Love & Hugs to you all!

2 thoughts on “Acts of Kindness…

  1. What an awesome day! Tell your friend her hair cut looks AMAZING! Honestly beautiful! The bear for Greyson what a touching thing and him looking out for his mommy! Our children Dawn are as my oncologist told me ARE REMARKABLE THERAPY! My kids have pulled me thru many hard days! Thank God for ur amazing family and friends. I love reading how they are ALL doing such a great job of taking care of u! Hugs and prayers honey!

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