Going back to my roots…

Dawn Brown Hair 002_WEB


To begin my journey… and progress towards what is happening, I’m trying to embrace it…. (trying!)… First step before I get my hair all cut off on Tuesday… was to color it back to close to the normal color… I found the attached hair dye (nothing but henna) for $11.99… We are going out tonight so I thought it would feel good to have my roots covered up…. This will probably be one of my last photos with long hair…. 😦

Before you begin the process.. you wash your hair and do not use conditioner… then you put the Henna in…. Leave it on for 1 hour…. and rinse. Nothing else is needed… and my hair came out with NO tangles….and it dried smooth… and is baby soft…  Once I have hair again, I will definitely remember this line of hair products… if the shampoo is anything like this, I will definitely need to add it to my beauty products…

Attached is the hair style I’m planning to hopefully achieve… maybe with a shorter bang…



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