Saying Goodbye To My Conch Shell Butt – Surgery Tomorrow!


For the past year and 2 months I’ve had this lovely conch shell butt, that I’ve been disguising by wearing long shirts and sweaters. Anything that is clingy gets caught in that hole… pockets on jeans invert, etc… so it’s been a bit of an annoyance, but… I’m alive – so who can complain!? I’m not complaining… one bit. I’ve just dealt with it. So, for five months after my SGAP procedure where they took fat folds from my backside and created breasts from them… I had a hole that my mom packed for me on a daily basis, sometimes two times a day. At first it was the size of a nickel however the pocket (seroma) that pocketed fluid… was about the size of a jean pocket and initially gathered a lot of fluid. It would leak and was a literal pain in my backside. So… as it healed, it inverted and created this hole of sorts… it looks like a conch shell. So… tomorrow, that is being fixed… My doctor is going to re-open the entire scar which is the entire butt cheek wide… and fill it and fat graft from other areas. Then he is going to also lift and fix my breasts. Overall, they look pretty good other than the mismatched skin because apparently your backside doesn’t tan like your other skin. And… radiated skin is darker so it’s a stark contrast. I’ve learned to disguise it pretty good. The nice thing is, they do feel like normal boobs… they are a lot more natural than implants.

When my doctor did my last surgery in October of 2015, he was more concerned about making the flaps survive with the blood vessels and I knew there would need to be this 2nd phase of this surgery and in retrospect, I’m glad I’ve waited this long because things have healed a lot better over time. The hole is there but it’s less, if that makes sense. I’m SO looking forward to losing this part!

I’m going to tell my doctor tomorrow, that he needs to suck and suck because after all I’ve been through, with what seems like nearly every side effect that can happen…. I deserve to walk out looking like Barbie 🙂 But, reality is… I probably will have more even boobs and no conch. And, I’m ok with that. I’m 44. It’s all good.

I’ve had several people contacting me worried, they haven’t heard from me… No news is good news! I’ve been busy. I started back at Ashley in May and I’ve been busy with work and life in general. So much good stuff has happened! My son and his girlfriend were engaged in August! They are getting married this April 21 and I could not be more excited! They are absolutely perfect for each other and to say they are smitten, just doesn’t even scratch the surface. Love is a wonderful thing! I couldn’t have chosen a better pairing, if I could have hand picked someone for my son! I adore her! I’m extremely proud to call her my daughter in law. So, I’ve been able to pull some favors from my wedding industry friends to help their wedding day come together and it’s going to be amazing! And, with this surgery… hopefully I will also feel more of myself and I can feel proud of my appearance on their wedding day!


Also, we had planned to build a home on my parents land and we moved with them for a short time back in May… and we found out building would not be financially smart. The septic system would cost a lot of money. We manged to save and recuperate a bit financially and in September when we weren’t really looking our real estate agent sent us a listing that was PERFECT. It had an in law apartment completely separate for my parents and our brains were reeling with all the possibilities. It honestly didn’t need much but some paint and some updates… over time, it’s going to be perfect. Late November we moved… and we LOVE it! It’s absolutely beautiful! It’s going to be the perfect forever home for us all!

I have been having some pains in my sternum area which I was concerned with and of course wanted to have checked before this surgery. They really feel my anatomy has changed from all the surgery and costochondritis is something I will battle with. It’s just inflammation where the sternum and rib cartilage come together… They scanned me… and my doctor said it’s stable and improved. That area of concern back in March-May seems to be better! So, that was a major relief. Every time I scan… I worry. My mind escapes me and I go there. Worrying. I hate it. It’s just part of the whole process having had cancer.

I’m praying this recovery is easy and I actually heal how I should. No packing holes, no seromas, no infections! That’s my wish! I’m HOPING to be back to work in a week or so!

I have lots to look forward this year!! I’m so excited for all that is to come!! Thanks to all who still read! 🙂

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