More Surgery..

Lots has happened since I last blogged… I had my implant removed on 8/12… on 9/6 my incision ruptured. It’s been quite the journey… I basically have an 2.5X2.5 gaping wound on my chest… I’ve been packing & wrapping it twice daily since this happened. There is currently not enough skin present to close it. So, I will be required to have more surgery and my procedure will be 10/5. I’ve also had pseudomonas, which is an infection of the area… it seems to have cleared up, but we have been using a bleach solution called Dakin to clean and disinfect the area…

On, 10/5.. the surgery is going to be quite involved… 2 doctors will spend around 8 hours to harvest a flap of skin that is taken from my hip/butt region… and they will have me on a table and then flip me over to graft this skin and fat onto my chest to create breasts. At this point, I’ll be thrilled with whatever the outcome… Having just one breast has been quite challenging. I obviously cannot wear a prosthesis or a bra, since it’s raw and sore…

I will spend 5 days recovering at CMC and then I will have a total recovery time of about 6-8 weeks.

Here is an example of how the surgery will take place…

Til next time… ❤

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