It’s been a long time…

I haven’t updated since my surgery…

My recovery since surgery has been fairly uneventful since my hysterectomy. I am getting the after menopause “pooch”… I get bloated, I’ve gained weight (10lbs total since last summer, but most recently about 5-6lbs)… and I find it a lot more difficult to lose. I could have stood to gain a few pounds, but I’m trying to lose a couple now…. purely because I got rid of every stitch of clothing… I have only size 6’s… all my 8’s are gone to goodwill, to friends…. and I don’t want to have to re-purchase. There are other side effects, but the hot flashes haven’t been very bad…. they are tolerable. I’m not really moody (not really, haha). I do find that when I get feeling down, I get really down and it’s harder to get my back to my happy self. But, overall…. regarding my hysterectomy, I’m doing pretty good.

I still have asthma, I have about 3-4 attacks each week and I find that my lungs just feel generally tight and sometimes downright sore. If you don’t recall…. my asthma is something new since we had our issues with our home and there was mold. (Previous post)

Regarding my cancer… I had scans about a month ago and the CT of my chest and abdomen still appear to be NED, no evidence of disease. Fantastic news!

I’m still committed to my way of life, which is mostly vegetarian… I’ve recently given up organic half and half in my coffee and switched to almond milk and coconut milk…. a combination of the two. I like it a lot! I’m just really trying to stay away from any hormones in hopes that the cancer will NEVER, EVER come back!!!

I’m still working at Ashley Homestore in Pineville… although I despise the retail hours, holidays and weekends…. I do very well and typically land in the top 3 or so for my store! I am allowed to work a modified schedule of 40 hours because honestly, I just get way too tired and it wears me down if I work more than that. My General Manager has been so gracious and they love me there, so they are happy to modify the schedule for me.

Thanks for keeping up with my story. I’ve not posted a lot lately. It’s nice to try to forget that cancer existed for awhile….. however, although I don’t talk about it as much… it’s constantly there.

We just got back from an amazing vacation to Myrtle Beach. The Lindsay family allowed us to use their beautiful beach home again this year…. We are so blessed. Although, financially we are doing better. We’re still paying photography debts and will be for awhile. So, we would not have afforded a week’s vacation this year…. So, we are SO grateful to this family!

Ladies… remember to pay attention to your boobs and your entire body! If something doesn’t seem just right….. get it checked! Don’t waste time! Just do it….

It’s Me Sunshine!!!!


That’s it for now ❤



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