Overdue Post

I haven’t posted in awhile… so much going on! Where do I begin…. Well, both my boys moved out… and so we decided it’s time to downsize… We started getting the house ready to sell. We sold it very quickly… and we found a little ranch that we’re moving into. Just perfect for G, Darrell and I…

We’re simplifying on every level… weeding out and filling our lives with what really matters.

I am no longer working with Champagne Manor… They decided that it wasn’t working out… I was very upset and sad. I felt very used. I did everything to get their business going and it was going very well…. I took this as my queue. My queue to be done with the wedding industry. I’m tired of the drama, I’m tired of being used… I’m tired of the industry. I will desperately miss working with brides… I truly loved that part of what I did….

I quickly got a job…. ironically, a Mother of the bride… was the GM of a job I applied for…. She’d met me weeks earlier. She was so impressed with me and my cover letter that she told their recruiter to hire me on the spot. I almost passed the job by, I wasn’t sure if I was up for furniture sales… but, they wrote me back and urged me to come in… They made me an offer I couldn’t refuse and I start today…

Things don’t just happen for no good reason. Things happen because it’s what’s best for you…. even though it doesn’t feel that way at the time… I think honestly when I decided to stay in the industry it probably wasn’t good for my health. Everything is a reminder…. and this is a chapter of a book that needs to close. There were some very great moments, but also some very hurtful moments with people in this industry. This time of year is a big reminder and I think it’s truly the best thing for me to move on…. and move forward…… and no looking back!

I went through and cleaned my Facebook page. Many people honestly did nothing to warrant me deleting them. I just don’t want to be reminded. I kept probably 2 handfuls of industry related people that I truly feel are worth being reminded for…. I am so thankful to my cancer for a very select few of amazing friends that I met and relationships were strengthened during my ordeal….. and then of course my close and personal friends…. who are there for me regardless. I’m so thankful for them…

We move in 12 days…. we’ve simplified everything. Closets, cabinets, furniture…. scaled everything way back other than what’s absolutely necessary. We packed everything away other than a couple pots, knives… etc. It’s amazing what you can live without.

It’s been 1 year in 2 days since I started chemo. This time of year is eery and reminiscent of that time of year. I’m SO grateful to be past it…

A few updates on my health…. I have lock shoulder in my radiated shoulder…. I will be starting physical therapy soon. I have horrible range of motion, I can’t lift it past a certain point. It’s painful…. It’s a good thing we opted to give up the photography business. We have 2 weddings next year. I should get through them just fine…. but, to do it all the time would be difficult. The lymphedema is not horrid, but it’s definitely there. And it throbs at times… and doesn’t feel great, but unless you know what you’re looking for.. it’s not noticeable.

I start a new chemo drug for post menopausal women. It’s not Armidex, it’s another one… and I can’t remember the name…

I think I’ve adapted to the new me…. the post menopausal me… Hot flashes don’t really overcome me unless I have something hot to drink. I’m usually cold. My oncologist wants me to wait closer to the 1 year point from my blood clot before they allow me to have my surgery. So, it looks like… spring of this year before I can have my exchange surgery…. My capsular contracture on my breasts is soooo ridiculous. It’s so tight and it’s pulling into my back tissue…. I can’t wait to have these out. My doctor wants to try for implants and not take the fat from my butt for the time being… There is a 50% chance of rejection. But, he wants to take that chance because he feels it’s worth it….. versus having to go through such a hard surgery. I’m in agreement. We can try it…

Too many life changes in a short time! But, managing it all just fine…. ❤

Will update soon!!! XOXO

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