Yesterday I had my first “fill” to my expanders… while awake. I took a pain pill before I left just in case… but it really wasn’t  as painful as I expected. When he inserted the needle I felt a couple second zinger and then when he pulled it out… you could feel it. I haven’t been brave enough to post my personal photos on my blog… but I’m extremely pleased with how my “foobs”  are looking. I told my plastic surgeon that I wanted to be bigger than I was… He said maybe 1 or 2 more fills depending on my preference… I think they look great, even now…. I want to be proportionate to my body… so we’ll see how the next fill goes!

I wanted to show a few photos I found to explain what expanders are….This is similar to the photo he showed me in his office…. it shows the different between the expander and the implant…

Today, I’m not really sore at all…. I feel a tiny bit stretched, but that is to be expected… I’m really happy with my recovery so far…. But, I have a long way to go with the reconstruction process…


Dr. Clavin more than humored me to get this photo… I told him he would be on my blog and I promised to send it to him so that he could see…  Dr. Clavin I appreciate very much what you have done for me… fighting for me to get me these objects that sort of resemble boobs…. but they honestly have made me feel so much better about myself. I honestly cannot imagine how I’d have felt coming out of surgery to a flat or concave chest… I tried to prepare myself, but I don’t honestly think there is a way to prepare yourself. I was pleasantly surprised at what I saw when they looked at my chest…. and I have told you that I’ve researched A LOT…. and I’m so happy with the job you have done so far on me…. Thank you! And, thank you for this photo… 🙂




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