More random thoughts…

We have been a house full of sickos… What I’ve come to know is Greyson had small ball that was full of holes… and he was playing with it in the hospital…. when I was in my room, I opened my eyes for a second…. saw him licking it…. but I wasn’t sure if it was real or not…. til I asked after… It was real. He licked that ball…. and brought home a bunch of garbage from the hospital….

It starts with fever and sore throat which the fever responded well to a penicillin shot… then he was not improving and we ended up in the Urgent Care where he was diagnosed with Adenovirus due to his extremely red pussy eyes…. but he still didn’t get better….. and then he was treated for Whooping Cough and is finally feeling better – it’s been almost 2 weeks…. it’s 2 weeks today since my surgery. The rest of us had a wicked sore throat that didn’t go away…. which I seemed to have passed around….. and still awaiting culture which should be in today…. but when I’m intubated I get a staph infection in my throat…. so we were treated for staph…. and now are getting better! Absolutely craziness….. Now my older boys are coming down with the whole cycle….

I’ve been thinking about radiation, a lot…. Looking at alternatives. Damaging my heart…. really concerns me! I have no doubt my doctor is going to take the utmost care in protecting it… but he said there’s not a lot they can do! Throughout this, however…. I’ve had excellent care.. my team of doctors, I honestly feel is a dream team….. just great! But… I’m scared to be brazen enough to say… No Radiation For Me…. I want to trust natural…. I feel like it can help maintain, but I feel like I have to do the radiation to make sure…. It can also affect my lungs, he said… I could end up with pneumonia or as some people have said “dead spots” in their lungs…. I asked a question in my BC support group and asked how many had rads on their left breast… and who has been affected… most have said that their heart has been ok…. BUT, the effects seem to be years later…. It’s concerning. I just talked to a friend and she pointed out that the heart is actually in the middle of the chest…. so when they radiate left or right, they can miss it…. He wants to radiate my mammary lymph nodes which run down the center of the chest…. so I think that’s the concern.

I just received an email from my radiation oncologist…

Dawn –


Hope you’re well.


Sorry to do this to you, but I want to revisit some of the scheduling concepts we discussed yesterday. Dr. Clavin anticipates having your expansion finished sooner than I’d anticipated. He expects to be done on the 16th (two weeks from tomorrow), which means I could have your treatment started by the end of May. If we stick with our original plans to target starting radiation on June 9th, that means we’re talking about a 2-week delay. I ran it by Dr. H., and she expressed concern about that delay. She knows you best, so I’m inclined to factor her concern into our planning.


So, how would you feel about pushing your beach vacation back? If we get started on radiation ASAP, you’ll be done in early July. If we build in a few weeks of recovery, that could still leave you plenty of time for an August beach vacation.


Thoughts? Feel free to call me to discuss, if you prefer (704-xxx-xxxx).


Thanks –




BOOOOO!!!!!!  They don’t want me to wait…. that’s not cool 😦

Just can’t wait for the beach…




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