Sneaky Cancer… Lobular….

This is something I’ve been thinking about and we’ve been talking about today… and I need to ask my doctors some more questions….

Let me go back first…

April 2013 I found lumps in my breast that felt maybe pea sized and BB sized… my doctor could feel them. I had my Mammo and Diagnostic Ultrasound… I was told these were just cysts… Come back in a year.

November 2013… My breast had caved in… it was dimpling, my nipple was pulling inward… my cancer was flaming obvious…. On Mammogram and Ultrasound it was barely detectable…. ONLY because they knew what was going on did they know to really investigate that area…. MRI however showed what was obviously going on… several areas of cancer… in my left breast and the sentinel lymph node was involved… Biopsy showed a mix of lobular and ductal carcinoma…

Chemo pursued December – March…

My AFTER chemo MRI showed a PRISTINE test according to my surgeon, they were so convinced I may be cancer free based upon this test…. It showed NED (No evidence of disease)…. In the breast AND the lymph nodes…

My mastectomy was April 17…. The pathology revealed I had 8cm of lobular cancer that remained in the left breast… and 7 out of 12 of my lymph nodes had cancer in them….

So my question is…. In the future I can no longer have mammograms… not that they did me much good… How will I ever trust these tests and know that I’m cancer free? We all know that cancer can spread…. I feel confident right now that I’m cancer free…. I’m talking in the future. At my check ups…. when they order these tests… When they tell me my PET scan reveals NED…. or my MRI reveals NED…. Lobular cancer is very, very sneaky! It’s not detectable on tests…..

This scares me…


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