Excellent Care…

88ed0a347be2b80459c53483e57d4f20I am so pleased with my circle of doctors at CMC… Levines Cancer Institute, etc… My primary is Marleen Traywick at Lake Park Family Practice… I trust her completely and if I have a question, I am lucky enough to have a personal link to her and I’m able to ask questions and express concerns. I know that most of her patients feel this same way about her. She actually listens to her patients…. She is an amazing caregiver. We are lucky in Lake Park to have her!

My surgical oncologist is Dr. Lejla Hadzikadic-Gusic. I loved her upon my very first consult. She spent at least an hour explaining, gaining trust and allowing us to have input on our direction. I also trust her completely. I’m so glad that I chose a woman surgeon, I feel like she understands and I felt like she was personally connected to my case. She was like the homeroom teacher in my care. She was the one I went to first…. and referred me to all of my other doctors. She just performed my surgery… literally 9 months pregnant. She emails with me at 10pm at night… she’s just unbelievable. I can’t say what my chest would have looked like without expanders… but with expanders from Dr. Clavin I’m just so absolutely pleased with my appearance… I feel she did an amazing job on my surgery and in my care in general… 

My oncologicst was Dr. Gregory Brouse and he was absolutely fabulous… very on top of my care. I felt like he explained things amazingly well. He is very, very emotionally connected and has tremendous empathy for his patients… Anything, I asked for… he provided. I absolutely loved him!

My plastic surgeon is Dr. Clavin… he was recommended by Dr. Lejla Hadzikadic-Gusic. I’ll be seeing him tomorrow as a matter of fact… I’m so happy with my expanders so far and I can only imagine how the end result will be… Dr. Clavin is cutting edge…. he practiced both in New York and LA. He is charming, has a wonderful bedside manner and great results… you can’t ask for better.

And, it turns out I will need radiation. My radiation oncologist is Dr. Mueller…. I really like him as well. He took a lot of time to explain exactly all the risks, the trials I could possibly participate in, etc…. but it turns out… I will not be able to forgo radiation…. Which I’m ok with… I expected it…. It prolongs this a whole lot longer, but…. it also means we are doing all we can to zap this cancer…

I’feel extremely blessed to have a truly amazing circle of care givers…. I’m so pleased with each and every one of them!!!



One thought on “Excellent Care…

  1. I know what a blessing it is to feel safe with each and everyone you are putting your trust in.It is a group of individuals you trust your life with.I’m so very happy that you found the right ones to make you feel this comfortable Dawn..They are heaven sent girl..

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