You are what you eat….

I’m going to be the poster child of EAT HEALTHY…. to prevent cancer… to cure cancer….

I’m all for conventional medicine….. combined with healthy eating. I would have never forgone conventional treatment…. I would not have been that confident… HOWEVER, combined with healthy eating… I do believe it has helped me 10 fold…. and we shall see when we get in there for 100% but… no matter what, the fact that cancer cannot be seen on my scans…. compared to a flaming report back in November…. is just simply amazing. When I found out I had cancer… I immediately…..

1. Stopped eating any and all sugar…. except on a very rare occasion… I did have stevia, agave nectar, honey, organic maple syrup

2. Stopped eating any forms of artificial sweeteners

3. I stopped drinking alcohol… except on a very rare occasion… I’ll have a glass of red wine or two

4. I stopped eating all red meat and pork…. I will eat chicken, fish and seafood… and chicken I TRY to eat organic whenever possible…. including organic, free range eggs. On a rare occasion I will eat a grass fed steak… however I haven’t yet

5. I drink lots of water and only water…

6. I eat gluten free as much as possible…. I will eat sprouted grain breads on occasion when I want a piece of toast or a sandwich….

7. I do eat potatoes and rice…. I don’t eat a lot of them, however….

8. No fast food… not even salads…. EXCEPT Taco Bell… I love their pintos and cheese.

I also tried to reduce stress and I walk whenever I can…. (chemo made it hard at times) 

We are back in wedding season and although I’m not shooting and we’ve stopped taking new weddings… we’re completing the old ones and it’s just stressful… time restraints, brides schedules…. everyone wants their stuff yesterday! And… why do dresses take so long to come in and be altered? Leaving only a month before the wedding… which means the photog has to RUSH edit…. Wedding photogs… rush, rush, rush…… it’s just stressful! I have no doubt this did hurt me… A LOT! It was so nice…. that chemo hiatus…. it made me realize just how stressful this business can be! Ok… back on topic…

I think once women or men…. find out their cancer is in remission, it’s easy to fall back into old habits… sugar creeps back in, it’s easy to eat that burger…. it’s easy to drive through…. it’s expensive and harder to eat healthy…


There’s a new article from Johns Hopkins that says there is no link to sugar and cancer….. OF COURSE they are going to say that!!!!!! They want to feed their pockets AND YOUR CANCER!!!!!! It makes them money… you think they will admit it doesn’t help to avoid sugar?????

I found this link…. it’s perfect… minus the soy… I will not eat soy, my cancer is estrogen positive and I don’t think I’m hurting my body any to avoid it….


2 days til my mastectomy… Eeek!



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