Upcoming week & random thoughts

I have a very busy week this week! It’s good…. it keeps me on my toes!!

Today… I’m taking Greyson for his eye exam at Charlotte Ear Nose & Throat…. we still don’t know for sure if G will require another surgery… so far at all his eye exams he’s been doing great! Hopefully he’ll get the same type of report today….

Tomorrow I’m having lunch with a friend… Wednesday is chemo! Boo!!!! Thursday I have my diagnostic mammogram to prep for surgery…. Friday I have my MRI to prep for surgery… Busy, busy week…

I saw this quote this morning…. so profound! Thank you Chemo/Cancer headgear “Lids of Love” on Facebook 🙂


As I think about my journey…. this crazy, bumpy, frustrating, amazing, eye opening journey…. I think about all of the things that have happened to me since I’ve found out that I have cancer…. With the bad… came amazing new friends, friends that have stood by my side and supported me in ways I never imagined.  I have a select group of quality people who surround me and I’m continually strengthened, encouraged, lifted up and loved by these people. I’m so grateful for their love and support!!!!

This past weekend we had a wedding… I picked up the camera and shot some…. and I realized this very well may be the last wedding I’ll photograph for a long time… seriously makes me sad…

3 weeks, 2 days and 22 hours until I will hopefully be CANCER FREE! I’m praying the the chemo has done what they hoped for…. They aren’t too worried about the boobies…. they want the lymph nodes to be free of cancer so hopefully I won’t need so many removed…. Lately, I can feel the rough edges of the breast tumor again, it had shrunk remarkably before… and Dr. H did tell me that sometimes your body can get accustomed to chemo…. it appears that may be the case. Hopefully, the lymph nodes are behaving!

Happy Monday to everyone! I hope it’s a great week… Thank you for reading my blog!

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