Half way done

Chemo was Thursday… and it is so encouraging to know that I’m half way done with chemo… Although it’s definitely had it’s rough moments… It’s not intolerable. My nausea this time has been a lot more intense than the previous times… It started at chemo which was different, it usually doesn’t hit until that evening… and it’s not subsided… 

When I met with my doctor he felt encouraged that my tumors may be responding to chemo, so that was most definitely encouraging… I’ll be having a follow up appointment before my next chemo with my surgical oncologist… 

It was nice having my best friend Tracey there with me at chemo… she said “well this is one thing I never expected us to do together”… we both laughed. Not at this point in life, anyway…. 

It’s been so nice having her here, she was supposed to leave today, but decided to stay another day… she said she couldn’t leave yet….I have really appreciated having her here…  We will be friends for 25 years, this upcoming May…. so hard to believe. Ours is a friendship that time can pass… and you can pick up the phone and it’s as nothing has changed, even though you may not have spoken in weeks… This week, she’s watched me cry…. hugged me, picked me up, reminded me who I am, helped keep my mind clear…. and has tried to help remove my burdens… I’m so grateful for her and I’m grateful to have this extra day to spend together…

I’m so grateful for all of the close friendships in my life, especially during one of the most difficult times in my life… I’ve made some new friends… strengthened friendships that were cultivating….I’m so incredibly grateful for these friends in my life. They have been my core throughout this… and I am so blessed for these people. I am so grateful for my NC bestie Tess… she is another constant, she lives right up the road and it’s so convenient…. when a chat is needed, she’s not far away…

Yesterday I received 2 beautiful bouquets from Carrie at The Flower Diva, plus a little breast cancer bracelet that is loaded with charms…. I was so surprised to receive them!! The timing could not have been better, Carrie and I really appreciate the gesture…. It means so much to me! Thank you…. 

Today will be a lazy day, hanging out watching movies… trying to stay warm…. while I recuperate… 

Thank you for all of you who have stood by my side and continue to read my blog…

Happy Saturday!

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