A New Woman…


I cannot tell you how GOOD it feels to wake up and feel pretty good!!!! Today is 8 days past chemo…. so ok, I’ll have an extra day each time of feeling like I’m crawling out of the darkest place on earth… before I see the sunshine again! I woke up thinking… hey maybe I should try my skinny jeans on… I’m literally at a weight that I don’t think I’ve ever seen, I think I skipped right over it in adolescence…. sure enough, my skinny jeans are too big!!! This isn’t really a good thing, because I still have 4 chemo’s left…. and so I’ll probably be wayy too thin… but apparently once I start Tamoxifen some of that weight should come back….. and hopefully my new lifestyle will support a newer, healthier me….

Last night, we went for a walk… Darrell said, you want to do what???? I said… let’s go for a walk… Gosh it felt so good to breathe different air that the stale air in the house… It felt so good just to be OUT of the house… Greyson enjoyed it a ton too! We went to the park and let him swing for awhile…. it was really nice.

So, although this week, I thought I was on the upswing…. I think it’s safe to say… now I’m on the upswing! I had high hopes of getting lots of work done… I did get some work done yesterday and I didn’t even take a nap! Progress! The day before… I literally slept all day long, it must be that one day before I start to feel better that is my lowest of lows…..

I always feel SO amazing when I start to feel better….

I just want to give a little shout out to my Momma… Darrell kinda takes all this stuff in stride and handles it as it comes. But, when my Mom sees me crying in pain…. and she can’t fix it, it just hurts her. Yesterday she came here and her eyes were puffy from crying…. It’s taking it’s toll on her… She said “I wished it were me… ” I’m so glad it’s NOT her….I don’t know if MY heart could take it…  I’ve said it before, I thank God above every day that it is me… and not someone I love….I love you Mom… let’s enjoy these next days before my next chemo and have some laughs and smiles….. Maybe we can do another girls day!!! Modified… without the crowds… 🙂 Mom doesn’t do internet, but she has her “smart phone” set to my blog so she can read it… 🙂 ❤

I’m a strong, determined person…. I’m aware of the risks of the cancer returning and I intend to make lifestyle changes that will be my golden ticket….. If that means never eating sugar, if that means never having a glass of wine… if that means never eating wheat….. I’m willing to do it!! I have so much to live for…. and I read over and over and over again…. and I know people who have had their cancer return… and they are living with incurable cancer….. I seriously cannot take that risk. I’m very confident with a strong positive outlook and strong, positive, healthy changes…. and a wealth of information….. that I can at least help that along!

I found this Tshirt on Pinterest….. I have to get one! Although I have no butt currently, I’m sure it will come back!!! lol


TGIF!!!!! I am actually looking forward to this weekend!

Love you all!

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