2 days til chemo…

2 days til my next chemo…. I think I’m more nervous this time to go… than the first time. It wasn’t even as bad as I thought it would be…. but, I’ve had all these wonky things happen…. and yesterday I was diagnosed with a UTI… my family doctor got me in immediately, she put me in a secluded room and treated me very aggressively… to make sure I can have my next treatment… She thought maybe the UTI is causing my puffy eyes….

These puffy eyes have me bewildered…. in the mornings when I wake up, the underneath pads of my eyes… literally look like I have blisters…. and the skin around them is so wrinkly…. I don’t know what it is and it’s bothering me. For me… it’s typically and indication that something is really wrong with my body… and I’m very sick. Duh…. But, something else. I pray it isn’t like this all of chemo. It just happened Saturday….I’m not rid of this infection so maybe that is it…

I’m sure guys read my blog, so I apologize…. these are just the facts of life…. The other thing, it could be… is I got my period…. which typically chemo halts your period… I got my period Friday… and it’s still lingering… My doctor said today it will probably be my last period… so maybe that’s part of it? I am honestly not sure. I hope Thursday before they start chemo that they do another blood culture….

Another thing that’s happening is I’ve had a pain in my leg blow the crease in my left knee and today I’m supposed to go in for ultrasound to make sure it’s not a blood clot. I sat at my desk all day working yesterday…. for a longer than usual period of time. I’m really feeling the pressure of this next chemo and hoped to have so much more done… I pray my clients understand…. :/ Anyway, I’m supposed to go for ultrasound… It’s probably nothing, but they told me that both cancer & chemo can cause blood clots….

So, 2 days til chemo…. I’m dreading feeling that low… I really am. I’m dreading looking sickly…. I’m really looking unwell, I feel… Everyone keeps telling me how great I look bald…. I’m just not feeling it. Since my hair has fallen out completely, people really look at me with pity. People I know and people I don’t know…. All hats other than cotton things bother my head… so yesterday, I just work my pink bandana…. Usually, if I’m wearing a hoodie… the hoodie goes up…. The cold on the back of my neck is the worst feeling…. besides my head so the hoodie really helps it all… I look like Joe Boxer… with really puffy eyes… lol

I’ve been drinking tons of Kangen water…. 

Doc office just called and said the ultrasound tech wants to see me right away… waiting for my Mom… then we’re off to the hospital…


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